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After 6 years in the teaching profession, I decided it was time for a slight change of direction! I am very passionate about ensuring children get as much out of education as possible, so when I saw someone running a tutoring business extremely successfully, I thought I wanted to have a go at that! A year on, and it is quite honestly the best decision I have ever made! I have met so many amazing children (and parents!) this year, who have all made noticeable progress and we have had a lot of fun along the way. I am free to teach the way the children need and I think is the most effective. And the best thing about it, is each child is so different, I can use an individualised approach for each one. I love the hands on, active activities – making links between concepts and subjects, to really help the learning stick. 1:1 tutoring has many benefits, but the one I have enjoyed the most this year, is seeing the children’s confidence soaring. Seeing them keen and engaged, ready to learn is a wonderful feeling. Prior to starting my tutoring business, I was a Reception teacher for 2 years. A fast paced, but exhilarating role. It was an extremely rewarding job for the most part, children coming in unable to identify most letters, and then leaving in July, able to read! Sadly, with any role, there were factors beyond my control making it unbearable at times. Not least, the governments decision to test 4 year olds as they enter their very first year at school. More about that in a later post, I am sure! 🙂 I also worked as a supply teacher, following the completion of my teaching qualification, which was a great experience! I met lots of wonderful teachers and students, and gained a lot of knowledge of different year groups and schools. All are so different! I quickly managed to get several PPA (planning time for teachers) as well as regular supply roles meaning I was full time, in schools I knew, but with a lot of variety. Similar to what I am now doing, I like the diversity! Outside of teaching, I like to play netball, as well as running (sometimes!). I also run a Brownie and Guide group, which satisfies the group activities I miss slightly with the 1:1 tutoring! It is also nice to push boundaries and develop the girls resilience and esteem in a fun and safe environment.