We are going to get through this!

The school’s have finished – 2 weeks prior to the Easter break. There has been confusion, panic and a lot of tears across the country.

It has been a very strange couple of weeks for everyone. We are having a adapt to a whole new world, quite literally.

I have been tutoring online all this week and whilst it has mostly been a success, it is a huge change from my normal 1:1 teaching and I am missing actually seeing the children in person.

The changes for everyone are causing a huge impact – not least for those who have lost jobs or are having to reduce hours. And of course, everyone who is working from home with children now needing to be educated. All a little overwhelming I am sure!

I have spoken to a lot of worried parents this week, worrying about how it is all going to fit in. I get it, it is going to be very different, potentially for a long time.

I think the most important thing for this week at least, is going to be adjusting to all being home together. Read as much as you can, create and just spend time together, try and get outside for some fresh air. Don’t worry about the school work being sent home, if the children are keen – wonderful. But don’t force it.

They are going to be worried and they are going to need comfort more than maths and English this week! That will all come in time, give yourself permission to just chill (as much as you can) for a week. Work out how much work you are going to get done, fit it around the children as best you can and get in touch if you need any help!